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Welcome to my page, setting out the case for a powerful, dedicated inquiry into systemic misconduct by Australian banks that unfortunately have become far too common.

The banking industry is not living up to community expectations, or the public relations hype their strong lobby is promoting publicly and behind the scenes within the halls of federal parliament.

Misconduct is not in the 'past'. It is not being fixed by the industry to a standard acceptable to the community. Although positive steps are being made by government reforms, gaps still exist.

Enough is enough. I want to put the spotlight onto systemic banking misconduct, put the facts on the table and back victims seeking redress from the unscrupulous actions of banks.

The only way to effectively do that is through the government establishing a Royal Commission. Or, if it fails to do that, the federal parliament can legislate to establish a Commission of Inquiry, which has exactly the same powers and status as a Royal Commission.

Current indicators suggest just over half our federal politicians support a Royal Commission (and, presumably, a Commission of Inquiry), and three quarters of Australians want to see a thorough, well-resourced truly independent investigation into systemic misconduct and illegal activity by the institutions that are supposed to operate with the most integrity and trust in our society.

Now is the time for us all to act.

And unless the government acts to establish a Royal Commission, I will be acting before the end of this year to vote for a Commission of Inquiry into the banks.

Kind regards,


George Christensen MP

Federal Member for Dawson